Thank you customers for choosing united steel structure Steel Grating. Our company will serve you wholeheartedly based on the principle of "Integrity First, Quality First". You are welcome to contact our sales or business personnel. In order to improve work efficiency, please be careful before ordering Read the following tips:

Specify the required steel grating model and area, and provide the size and number of pieces. Where a large area of steel grating is required, a floor plan must be provided and marked:

1 The section size and position of the supporting steel beam and the opening direction of the channel steel.

2 The position and size of the steel grating that needs to be opened or that needs to be moved frequently.

3 The position and size of the sidewall, front guard and special-shaped interface.

Indicate the type and quantity of the mounting clips. In principle, at least four sets of mounting clips are required for each steel grating.

Indicate the type, number and size of the ladder steps, as well as the surface treatment status and whether the sides are chamfered.

Indicate the surface treatment status of the steel grating (hot-dip galvanized, dipped paint or untreated).

Steel gratings are priced by square meters, ladder steps are priced by pieces, installation clips are priced by sets, ribs are priced by meters, and gutter covers are priced by sets.

The area of the steel grating is priced according to the gross area, that is, the maximum outer dimensions of the plane, including openings and gaps.

1 If there is no drawing to be processed according to the size specified by the user, the area is the number of steel gratings actually delivered multiplied by the sum of the width and length, including openings and cuts.

2 Provide drawings for the user to carry out the layout design of the steel grating, the area is calculated according to the total outer dimensions on the drawing, and it includes the openings and notches.

Since the carrying capacity of the steel grating is related to the direction of the flat steel, the customer must specify the direction of the flat steel.

After clarifying the above items, you can get an accurate quotation.

The contact details are as follows:

Sales Hotline: 0086-0535-6387825 、008613805350023 、008613963819113、008613853592361